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Job Title Location Job Type Date Posted
Extraction Operations Tech Prineville, OR Direct 10/08/2019
Edibles Operations Manager & Chef ALASKA Direct 09/27/2019
Vice President of Operations Arcata, CA Direct 09/25/2019
Director of Operations Eugene, OR Direct 09/25/2019
Sales Director Eugene, OR Direct 09/24/2019
Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis Tampa/St. Peterburg, FL Direct 09/22/2019
Chief Operation Officer Los Angeles, CA Direct 09/20/2019
SVP Corporate Development - Mergers & Acquisitions Los Angeles, CA Direct 08/23/2019
Account Executive Los Angeles, CA Direct 08/20/2019
Outside Sales Representative Seattle, Bellingham - WA Direct 08/19/2019
Cannabis Dispensary Manager Quakertown, PA Direct 08/14/2019
Assistant Cannabis Dispensary Manager King of Prussia Direct 08/14/2019
Director of Sales REMOTE Direct 08/06/2019
Sales Representative Southern CA Direct 08/02/2019
Sales Director Denver & CA: Direct 08/01/2019
Director of Marketing & Branding Denver, CO Direct 08/01/2019
Social Media/Marketing Manager Spokane, WA Direct 04/30/2019
Master Organic Grower Spokane, WA Direct 04/30/2019
Extraction & Lab Manager Spokane, WA Direct 04/24/2019
Retail Sales Representatives Washington State Direct 04/22/2019
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